Friday, November 8, 2013

Talkin Shop with Craft & Culture

We recently sat down with Craft & Culture to talk shop about swimwear care and wear.  Here's a snippet, read the full article here.

C&C: Are there any specific styling tips you have, such as 
by-the-water do’s and don’ts? What would be some 
examples of ideal ways to style Drifting Arrows pieces poolside?
I always cringe when I see someone wearing shoes and socks at the beach, 
so that’s a big no.  Also, your swimwear should be comfortable and make 
you feel great….not the opposite – make sure you can move around at ease 
in your suit, and own your figure – no slouching!   Do wear sunglasses to 
keep your eyes protected and looking sharp, and always keep a hair-band 
in your beach bag so you don’t end up with a funny tan line. I suggest a 
top knot or a loose pony tail to complete the beachy look.
A great wide-brimmed hat is a pool-side essential, whether it be a structured 
panama or floppy-brimmed version.  They are practical (sun-burned faces 
are not fun or cute), allowing you to read or rest without all the squinting 
and over-exposure….and they look striking.  Drifting Arrows pieces are 
classic and simple in their palettes, so don’t be afraid to pair with some 
statement sunnies and a stylish sun hat.